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The Camworks solution we represent...

What is Camworks?

Camworks is a Gold Partner of Solidworks and an all-inclusive cam, that fully integrates with Solidworks. This integration enables the automatic recognition of 3D features with it's tolerances and surface quality requirements.

What can Camworks do?

Camworks is an all-inclusive solution:
3-axis form milling.
4- and 5-axis milling with all features.
VoluMill, for dynamic milling.
Measuring with probe equipment.
Virtual machining from CNC code, simulation of subprogram loops, macros and hand made changes with a machine-specific 3D model.
Wire EDM
etc, etc

Advantages of Solidworks integration

All Camworks machining data is integrated into Solidworks .prt or .asm files. File management is simplified and when the 3D model is updated, the machining paths are updated automatically. This avoids time-consuming reprogramming. A cost-effective cam plugin for Solidworks users.

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